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COVID-19 and your Retail Business

Posted by Mary Lou Womack on Mar 13, 2020 3:32:46 PM
Mary Lou Womack


Please remember that any claims relating to Whole Body Cryotherapy and it’s effects on the immune system are expressly forbidden by the FDA.  Not only do you run the risk of severe action by the FDA you also put your entire business and our industry at risk.

Just because self promoters or other businesses encourage discussion and claims about WBC and the immune system, does not mean it is accepted in any way by the FDA. Please also know that the FDA is cracking down HARSHLY on those people they deem as falsely trying to make a profit off of Covid-19 cures and treatments.

That being said - if your clients want to make those claims they are free to do so and there is nothing we can do about that.  Please govern yourselves accordingly for the sake of our industry. 

For the time being, we are providing hand sanitizer in many spots throughout our retail center. We are using any and all downtime wiping down and disinfecting surfaces. We have suspended treatments that promote skin to skin contact such as massage and Cryoskin, but we are running business and marketing as usual.  

We thank you for understanding and hope you choose to do the right thing. 

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