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Cryotherapy is MORE Than You Think

Posted by Tim Payne on Feb 5, 2020 1:21:58 PM

You want the best for your athletes and your team. You want them to be at the top of their game so they can perform their best. Whole Body Cryotherapy can be just the thing to assist, but it’s not making them a better athlete. Here’s everything you need to know about cryotherapy for athletes without being told it’s going to make them a faster, stronger, better athlete.

It’s MORE Than An Ice Bath

Most athletes have done an ice bath or at the minimum iced an injury they have had in the past. While ice baths can definitely aid in the recovery process, it can’t compare to the systemic benefits that whole body cryotherapy offers.

It is widely known that an ice pack is going to reduce the swelling in a specific area. Cryotherapy, on the other hand, works systemically against the same inflammation.  In other words, it is working from the inside out rather than the outside in allowing for a more powerful result.   

Cryo exposes the surface of the skin to subzero temperatures as low as -270°F. During this the body vasoconstriction all the blood vessels and rushes your blood to the core of your body. That’s something that an ice bath can’t do. While the blood is circulating the core, your body pumps it full of oxygen and enriches it with minerals that can help initiate a recovery process.

In an ice bath, the body struggles with vasoconstriction and only vasodilates as it rushes the blood to the surface of the skin in order to warm it.  Whole Body Cryotherapy produces the opposite effect by exposing the skin to temperatures of - 166°F or below thereby causing instant vasoconstriction over the body surface.  The body also naturally brings blood to the core during the session in order to protect due to perceived “perilous” conditions outside the body.  Science tells us that while this blood is cycled through the core it is also “charged” with oxygen and nutrients needed to help the core and the body survive.  Vasodilation then occurs upon stepping out of the Cryotherapy chamber at the end of the 3 minute session.  The brain then moves from “flight or fight” mode to scan the body via the nervous system.  As the “charged” blood rushes back out through the body it is sent to areas of the body that need it the most due to the “scan”.  This allows the body to create anti-inflammatory responses when / where necessary. 

Simply put, it becomes a very effective recovery tool for your athletes. BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER ATHLETE.


It’s MORE Than a Onetime Fix

Cryotherapy has never been and will never be a one-time fix solution for any issue. It is going to give you an immediate response and are you going to feel great afterwards? YES. But it’s most effective when it is implemented into your daily activities and lifestyle just like dieting and exercise. You get the most benefits when you follow regimented path of recovery.

Typical recommendations are going to be

  • Every day when facing chronic issue, sprain, tear or serious injury. This allows the body to be exposed to the recovery process as much as possible without over doing it.
  • Every other day with minor aches and pains.
  • Twice a week when for just generalized maintenance during the off season.

Your body will always benefit from Cryotherapy. It can always use it weather in pain, or for just general health and wellness. We recommend doing it before and after a training session, allowing for pre-conditioning and maximization of a training session and then as effective recovery post training.

Simply put, it’s not just for an injury or pain, it’s for everything.


It’s MORE Than What You Think

Intimidation and fear are natural when considering exposing the body to temperatures as low as -220°F, but Cryotherapy is more than what you think, and it’s definitely not as bad as it sounds.

Cryo doesn’t freeze you it, it creates a very powerful sense in your brain that you are freezing. When the body believes that this is happening, we are harnessing the immense power of the brain to provide very effective recovery in a much shorter and, ultimately, less painful time of an ice bath.  It’s a time to work on your mental capacity, and push past the 40%. You can do anything for 3:00, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and do it one time. After that you’ll wish you’d been doing it for longer.

Simply put, it’s more than what you think.

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