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UPDATE: Why are we talking about BOLD CLAIMS?

Posted by Eric Rauscher on Feb 20, 2020 1:19:14 PM

We’re excited our blog has generated the conversation and interest on a topic that, quite frankly, should’ve been addressed long ago. The reason for our bringing this conversation to the table is because bold claims are not to be taken lightly and will most likely bring inevitable regulation. What we hope any person involved in this industry will understand is that IT DOES NOT MATTER what study has been done on Whole Body Cryotherapy. If the FDA is not approving and classifying each individual manufacturer and unit for these outcomes and stating the results as intended uses, we as an industry cannot and should not claim or advertise them publicly. In other words, if you’ve seen a Whole Body Cryotherapy study on its stimulation of the vagus nerve and the resulting benefits, it doesn’t mean the FDA has accepted it or that the study was conducted according to their guidelines for being able to state this as an intended use.  NOTE – We are not against research!  It needs to be done and done responsibly, but ANY claims that are deemed medical in nature by the FDA are a serious no-no. Yes, we have all seen and heard of anecdotal evidence from our clients and have read the published studies on the great benefits of WBC, but until it is approved by the FDA it is a Bold Claim and irresponsible to publicly advertise.  Please contact us directly for further explanation and how we as a company have had direct conversations with the FDA regarding WBC. Let's keep this conversation going! We want to see this industry continue to grow and succeed, and we want to be able to do so without inciting harsh regulation and possible shut down from the FDA. 

 As distributors and service providers, our job is to educate our clients responsibly about a great modality that SOOTHES, COMFORTS AND PROVIDES RELIEF.

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