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What's NOT cool about Cryotherapy

Posted by Bethany Moses on Feb 4, 2020 3:25:51 PM
Bethany Moses

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an explosive trend across the US and the globe in the world of recovery. It has grown tremendously in public popularity since CryoUSA officially launched the industry in the US in 2011. As we watch the market grow and evolve, competition, both good and bad, has seemingly diluted and misconstrued exactly what the original intended uses for Whole Body Cryotherapy were. The bold claims we see across the industry today insinuate what would be considered 'bold medical claims'. The original message was to provide a safe environment that supplied hyper-cooled air within a confined compartment, delivering cold to an individual’s body surfaces “in order to soothe, comfort, and provide relief”.  Anything beyond that is in direct violation of the FDA guidelines laid out for us as we began to take these devices through the FDA 513g process. This may be the limit of what we can say, but it is certainly not the limit of what people experience. As industry leaders, it is important to remember to let people speak about their own experiences and not let those experiences turn into claims that we post on our website and beyond. This practice by other distributors and manufacturers only fuels the potential for false expectations and could potentially incur unwanted attention and federal regulation.

IRRESPONSIBLE public statements as it relates to WBC (whole body cryotherapy) involve weight loss, enhancing the brain, boosting the immune system, curing arthritis, anti-aging effects, cellulite reduction, improving athletic performance, etc, etc.  The fact of the matter is this: the FDA does not recognize any of the claims most cryochamber distributors are making about cryotherapy.  This is the clearest and easiest way to determine whether your distributor/manufacturer is worth dealing with. How do they get away with it and why aren’t their clients in trouble as well? Because there is no regulation!  We know from experience that as WBC becomes more and more popular, the bold claims will become more and more scrutinized, thereby, at some point, incurring federal regulation. Every industry we see that expands as quickly as cryotherapy has eventually seen regulation. We don’t believe any manufacturer/distributor making these claims is truly interested in the well being, safety, and future success of their clients.  They’re simply interested in taking their money and letting them fend for themselves when regulation comes.

We agree with everything the FDA states in the following release:

This is why all CryoUSA cryochambers come with a verified 513g letter from the FDA.  Any cryochamber supplier should be able to provide this letter to the purchaser to show they have taken their model unit through this process. We have always taken a responsible approach to the industry from that standpoint. While we have seen some amazing stories revolving around the benefits of WBC, we are careful as a distributor at the forefront of pending regulation to make sure that clients who purchase from us are as protected as possible.

Let the doctors talk about the benefits, results, and effects of cryotherapy on the body.  As distributors, our job is to NOT mislead our clients and to educate them responsibly about a great modality that SOOTHES, COMFORTS AND PROVIDES RELIEF.

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